G-SLIDE™ - Asphalt Release Agents for Truck Beds

Prevents buildup of asphalt in truck beds. biodegradable and ecofriendly. Soy based and non-toxic. Will not irritate the skin. Non-carcinogenic. No liability issues. Safe for automated spray systems. Can be water-diluted at ratios of 1:1 up to 8:1. Safe to use on glass, wood and all metal surfaces.

Our Custom Speciality Chemical Products | KT Chemicals

They're safe to touch and dilutable up to 30:1, but can also be used un-diluted. We think they're the best working release agents on the market. We can also provide truck and plant spray systems, if needed. Our Asphalt Release Agents are available in 5-gallon buckets, drums, totes and bulk delivery. See our equipment in action.

TEC-SHIELD - Tec Team, LLC - TecTeam, LLC - Tec Team, LLC

TEC-SHIELD RTU Equipment Lubricant / Asphalt Release Agent. NTPEP approved synthetic-based Equipment Lubricant in a Ready-To-Use blend. Can be diluted up to a 15 to 1 ratio. Dry, Anti-Stick lubrication for all metal, plastic, and rubber parts. Will keep asphalt from sticking.

Soap Asphalt Release Jamson Labs Power Kleen

Soap Asphalt Release - Surface Protectant . Product ID: 8596 PK. Description: Asphalt Release is an "engineered" soap based release agent specifically formulated by Power Kleen Corporation to maintain a safe workplace and environment. Soap Asphalt Release is used to prevent asphalt mixtures from adhering to truck beds and other equipment.

Testing of Asphalt Release Agents

weight of asphalt to the nearest 0.01 g. 4. Pour 100 ±5 mL of the diluted release agent into the flask. 5. Allow to set at room temperature for 24 ±1 hour. 6. Using distilled water, wash the release agent and any dissolved asphalt from the flask. Be sure that no undissolved asphalt is lost. 7. Air dry the remaining asphalt to a constant weight.

Solving The Pickup Problem With Asphalt Release Agents ...

Once a suitable asphalt release agent is selected, the substance must be properly applied to the pneumatic tires for it to do its job. The most efficient method of application is to mix the agent with water before spraying the liquid on the tires via the roller's water tank. This step may seem self-explanatory, but how the asphalt release ...

US Patent for Asphalt release agent and system Patent ...

An asphalt release agent and a method of applying the same, including a water-based solution of magnesium chloride and/or calcium chloride together with a phosphate ester corrosion inhibitor, an anionic isopropyl alcohol surfactant and a dye. The release agent is applied using a spray gun in combination with an air compressor to add air to the release agent.

Asphalt Release | Synthetic Formula | ENVIRO-SLIDE Ultra

ENVIRO-SLIDE Ultra is a synthetic asphalt release agent with Never-Stick Technology that easily releases today's super-sticky polymer modified mixes as well as regular HMA mixes. ENVIRO-SLIDE Ultra is not an asphalt cleaner doing double duty, it will not harm your asphalt mat and it meets or exceeds tough federal, state and local regulations.

ASPHALT RELEASE - Brody Chemical

This system is equipped to apply a diluted mixture of First Choice asphalt release agent at the rate of 1.5gl of diluted material in 12sec, applying an even coating to all surfaces to be protected. Dilutions are as follows: [our system comes equipped with two preset dilution ratios] Ratio 1 (for polymer and crumb rubber asphalt

US20080185455A1 - Asphalt release agent automated spray ...

An automatic vehicle spraying system comprising a spray apparatus positioned on a boom. The spray apparatus is not rigidly fixed to the boom, but instead is able to be raised and lowered from the boom. A vertical sensor and a horizontal sensor detect when a vehicle passes underneath the spray apparatus and transmit an electronic signal to a programmable logic controller.

SOP Paving Productivity Software | jobsitetechnologies

© 2021 by Jobsite Technologies, Inc. Proudly created with Wix.com. All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective ...

Asphalt Release Agent - Citrus Depot All Natural Citrus King

Asphalt Release Agent. $ 20.00 – $ 120.00. Please call 1-800-424-8045 for pricing on any products above 5 Gallon Pail. We have 30 & 55 Gallon Drums as well as 275 & 330 Gallon Totes available. Size. Choose an option Quart Gallon 4x1 Gallon Case 5 Gallon Pail. Clear. Asphalt Release Agent …

Enviro-Slide Ultra (Never-Stick Asphalt Release Agent ...

What is ENVIRO-SLIDE Ultra? ENVIRO-SLIDE Ultra is a synthetic asphalt release agent with "Never-Stick" technology that easily releases today's super-sticky, ...

ASPHALT RELEASE - Brody Chemical

Electric asphalt release spray system complete, 120V, 16A, 20' power cord, 30' push button cord, 40' discharge hose, 15' water & chemical hose inlet, pulls from stagnant water and chem. tanks, trigger spray gun w/48" wand, adjustable run timer and lock out timer, adjustable metering manifold for water chemical mix. "Slide Out" proof.

Asphalt Release Agent | ReleaSys™ AR | Next-Gen Release ...

ReleaSys™ AR | Asphalt Release Agent Superior Release of Asphalt mixtures; Excellent Coating Durability; Water-based, Zero VOC. ReleaSys™ AR Asphalt Release Agent is a next-generation, ultra-high performance coating designed to provide a long-lasting, durable barrier to truck beds, shovels, boots, etc allowing easy, quick removal of asphalt from the coated surface.

Asphalt - Spick n Clean Pty Ltd

PAVERTREND™ - Paving Machine Release Agent. A modified blend designed for use by paving crews on equipment, applied via a specialized spray system. Prevents the adhesion of asphalt to equipment surfaces. Eliminating the need for constant cleaning. Ensurs no asphalt sticks to pneumatic rollers, provides better smoothness of the paved surface.

Spray Systems — BG Chemical

Asphalt Release Agent Spray Systems. manual Spray system. Hand units consist of a protective spray box with pneumatic or electric pump depending on customer preference, spray wand(s), hose and appropriate fittings. Complete units intended to get the customer up and running with ease.

Do You Need an Asphalt Cleaner or Release Agent? PavePro ...

Release Agents. Asphalt release agents are commonly used at asphalt plants, during transport, and at the laydown site. The purpose of a release agent is to create a barrier between the asphalt and tool (or piece of equipment) to prevent adhesion.

Tests to evaluate asphalt release agents | Asphalt magazine

Asphalt Release Agent (ARA) is now a general term used for products that have been developed to replace the stripping and environmentally hazardous diesel and solvents. From 1997 to 2004, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) created a new test procedure and specification for ARAs, compiled a list of approved products and then required ...

RADAR™ Systems – Interactive Guide – Lafferty Learning Center

The RADAR™ Single Eye EP-LM Spray System is a photoelectric sensor-activated, asphalt release applicator that mounts to a user-supplied drive-though arch for spraying asphalt truck beds.. This system uses an electric pump to draw ready-to-use chemical solution from the included 7 Gallon Level Master™ tank which maintains a constant supply of solution.

Asphalt Release - sales.brodychemical.com

This system is equipped to apply a diluted mixture of First Choice asphalt release agent at the rate of 1.5gl of diluted material in 12 sec, applying an even coating to all surfaces to be protected. Dilutions are as follows: [our system comes equipped with two preset dilution ratios] • Ratio 1 (for polymer and crumb rubber asphalt

Asphault releasing solvent, dump trucks | Heavy Equipment ...

AR-1 Asphalt Release Agent Dynasty Chemical Corporation Albany, NY AR-92 Emulso Corporation Buffalo, NY AS-Release 570154 AS-Release 570156 Asphalt Solutions Litchfield Park, AZ Asphalt Release Cheh, Inc. Albertville, MN Asphalt Release Simoniz USA Bolton, CT Asphalt Release Agent The Bullen Companies, Inc. Folcroft, PA

Asphalt Release Agent - Stops Asphalt from Sticking-5 ...

Asphalt Release Agent - Stops Asphalt from Sticking-1 Gallon (128 oz.) 3 $29.00 $ 29 . 00 Fusion Release Asphalt & Concrete Release Agent - Prevent Sticking, Clumping and Freezing of Material - Beet Sugar Based Lubricant - 20 Litre Jug (5.3 gallons) 6

Which is the best Asphalt Release Agent? | DUBI CHEM

DUBI Marine International: RXSOL Asphalt release agents offers a better, environmentally friendly solution that can be used to eliminate asphalt stickiness on any type of equipment, especially truck haul beds. When diluted with water and applied lightly with conventional spray equipment onto the bed lining, it forms a thin barrier between the ...

ASPHALT RELEASE | Lubricant for Asphalt Slides & Truck Beds

Asphalt Release is a concentrated and economical bituminous release agent that stops asphalt from sticking to the surface of asphalt slides and truck beds. Dilute with 6 parts water prior to application. MODERN-DAY REPLACEMENT FOR CHLORINATED SOLVENTS. Most states have banned the use of traditional solvents, such as kerosene, as a lubricating ...

Zep Equipment

W-25 Asphalt Release Spray All Spray pattern allows quick, complete coverage of the truck bed for effective cleaning. Draws asphalt release agent directly from original shipping containers.

Asphalt Release Spray System in Aromas, CA - YouTube

Contact me for more information: [email protected] matter what automatic asphalt release agent spray system you have at your plant, we can provid...

Paul Fox - Territory Sales Specialist - Meyer Lab | LinkedIn

ZEP's Asphalt Release agent providing a superior solution and uniformed spray pattern for another amazing ZEP customer. #zep #asphalt Gil Laird Liked by Paul Fox

Asphalt Release | ChemStation

Asphalt Release | ChemStation. Products are state DOT-approved and NTPEP listed. Our Asphalt Release System pumps multiple dilution rates for easy application. Asphalt Release. ChemStation offers an array of non-petroleum-based asphalt release agents…

Detergents - Asphalt Cleaners - Hydro-Chem Systems, Inc.

Hydro-Chem Systems water based asphalt release agent is more economical and biodegradable. Designed for, and endorsed by a major asphalt roller manufacturer, our water based asphalt release agent is effective in preventing the new superpave mixes from adhering to pneumatic tire rollers and truck beds.

Asphalt Release Agents and Removal Products - Iowa

Asphalt Release Agents and Removal Products. You need the safest and most effective asphalt products, and that's exactly what we offer. From DOT-approved, biodegradable, non-stripping asphalt release agents to asphalt cleaning and removal products, we provide the solutions and equipment you need to get the job done right.

ECO RELEASE | Pro Chem, Inc.

For easy release of asphalt from truck beds and equipment, dilute ECO RELEASE 1:10 with water (1 quart product to 2.5 gallons of water) and agitate briskly to ensure good mixture. Spray the back of truck beds. Asphalt may be loaded into the truck bed right away.

Asphalt Recycling Demonstration Featuring the Asphalt ...

This asphalt recycling demonstration features an Asphalt Rejuvenator / Release Agent Spray System mounted on an Asphalt Recycler / Hot Box from Falcon Road Maintenance Equipment. Falcon equipment can recycle asphalt chunks and millings for under per ton, hold and transport hot mix for days and heat cold patch.

Problems We Solve - Worldwide Specialty Chemicals

The Company's Asphalt Release Agents ("ARA") contain no dangerous chemicals and work extremely well on SMAs polymer, and "popcorn" asphalts. They're safe to touch and dilutable up to 30:1, but can also be used un-diluted. The Company can also provide truck and plant spray systems, if needed.

TackSolv Asphalt Release Agent | SoySolv Biosolvents

TackSolv is a highly concentrated biodegradable asphalt release agent for use on truck beds, chip and seal equipment, rollers, pavers, shovels, rakes, and more. Unlike typical asphalt release agents that are soap-based formulations, TackSolv is a special blend of film-forming polymers and surface-active agents specifically designed to create a ...

Release Asphalt Release Agent – IChemSol

Release is a thick, concentrated release agent specifically designed to prevent polymer and traditional asphalt mixes from sticking to truck beds, equipment and tools.. This release agent contains a special blend of polymers and detergents that will not allow asphalt to stick even to rough truck beds. It is heat-activated and should be sprayed before loading occurs.

Asphalt - Meyer Lab

Asphalt Back Asphalt Solutions Release Agents Learn More Drag Slat Learn More Equipment Learn More Why Choose Meyer Customer First Approach Our focus is meeting the needs of our customers. Our service reps are always available for installation, repairs, and product delivery. In short, we provide service where and when you need it – every […]


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